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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Lisa Maria Foundation


The Lisa Maria Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization with an over-arching objective to safeguard children and young people from harm. To achieve its objectives, the Foundation will bring together the leaders of the various local institutions to devise and implement proactive strategies to secure a safe and happy environment within which children and young people can develop to their full potential.

The Lisa Maria Foundation intends to operate in synergy with established governmental and non-governmental organisations, educational institutions and other authorities who work tirelessly towards providing a safe environment for children and young people. The Foundation also seeks to support local organisations address any possible deficiencies in their approach to the protection of children from harm, systematically building their capacity to keep children and young people safe.

Those interested in contributing towards the promotion of the foundation objectives may contact us on 2576 2302 or email

For those wishing to make a financial contribution, the foundation bank details are as follows:

BANK:  Bank Of Valletta Plc

IBAN no: MT42VALL22013000000040022689883


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