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NuBis Centre

The ‘Nu Bis Centre is inspired and developed on the basis of the notion of collaboration and is aimed at becoming a unique stand-alone destination of high-end office space.
The building is situated on a main thoroughfare at the limits of Lija, which is well connected across the island and in the proximity of one Malta’s main shopping malls.
The surrounding area is currently experiencing a sustained increase in commercial presence and it is anticipated to develop into a fully fledged commercial hub over the coming years.

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Alpha Projects

Alpha Projects was founded by three friends, Nicholas Zahra, Mark Ciangura, and his son Neil. The three friends have over 40 years' experience between them, with hands-on experience in many diverse situations and projects. Always a fan of construction, Nicholas worked through his early working life with arguably the two largest contractors on the island and worked on projects such as the Delimara power-station, the Portomaso Marina and the Freeport to name three. Mark and Nicholas then spent the next two decades working together within the same business group  working on large scale developments primarily of hotels but also residential apartments and, most recently, a business centre called Nubis Centre in Lija.  Neil found the construction industry  to be his natural career path which he entered after obtaining his builder's license and studying at MCAST.

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