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Octavo MT was launched in 2018 providing the first Maltese digital reading platform with a
current user base of over 22,000. On Octavo eBooks are no longer scanned pages of
printed content, but they are now creatively designed, intelligently type-faced and smartly
arranged pieces of content, illustrations and audio; they are called ‘oBooks’.
Educators, students and parents are seeking learning experiences that reflect their life
outside the classroom. Octavo provides all stakeholders in education with adaptable learning
tools for use both in the classroom and at home and is able to:

● Supplement a child’s reading library both in Maltese, English and Arabic;
● Offer interactive textbooks that can be kept updated at no additional cost to schools
and parents through the use of school licenses;
● Offer multilingual resources essential to adapt to the needs of any educational
● Offer a Maltese levelled reading system provided as part of the National Project
entitled One Tablet Per Child, currently implemented in Maltese primary schools;
● Offer a dynamic series, created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution,that
engages students with high-interest readers that highlight all aspects of STEAM
(science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) while strengthening literacy

Octavo provides a one-stop solution for the needs of self-published authors and publishers.
The Octavo team always supports authors and publishers throughout the content creation
Octavo makes reading engaging for all users whether they want to listen to or read content
on their favourite digital device.

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